WATT Fluid Applicator

WATT Fluid Applicator

The WATT Fluid Applicator™ is a non-contact oiling and coating process developed and patented (U.S. Patent No. 5,314,119) by Kenneth R. Watt (former president of Latanick Equipment, Inc.) The process allows the application of liquids onto a passing surface of material with a very high level of accuracy regardless of the line speed or surface width.

How does it work?

The WATT Fluid Applicator™ design is based on a tank that maintains an even fluid level and a rotating brush with a fixed speed transferring the layer of fluid from the pick-up roller onto the passing surface. The contact between the pick-up roller and the brush causes the fluid between the two components to be "flicked" onto the passing surface. There is no contact between the rolls and the passing surface. The "flicked" fluid forms a droplet pattern on the passing surface and transforms into a very uniform coating by the coiling effect.

All units are designed to contain over spray. The brush is completely enclosed by a special shield which protects the brush surface from the passing strip.

How well does it work?

The WATT Fluid Applicator™ is not sensitive to "particle" size and can apply fluids with solid content so long as the particles are suspended in the fluid. A programmable controller regulates the pick-up roll;; gear motor, accurately controlling the amount of fluid that is applied. This causes uniform and repeated strip coverage.


Spraydown WATT Fluid Applicator

What is supplied?

Included with the WATT Fluid Applicator™ is a support frame (specific to customer's requirements), fluid tank/tanks with heating elements that closely control the temperature of the fluid, control panel that included programmable controller and temperature controllers. Start-up can commence after the piping and electrical connections are made.

The construction of the machine is designed to meet the tough environment of the ferrous and non-ferrous industries;. A 64-inch system, fully assembled, can weigh in excess of 8,000 pounds. The design and construction takes into consideration the safety aspects of the mill environment. Safety switches on the doors are provided to ensure that maintenance work is not performed on nth unit while the process is in operation. The design of the machine is such that minimal maintenance is required.

What types of fluids can be applied?

To this date, there is no answer. We continue to test new fluids at customer requests. Currently we have applied fluids from animal fat based oils on Pickle Lines to water like oils and chemicals used in aluminum and paper mills.

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